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Established in 2006

The Dominican was the first Latino/Hispanic barber and stylist in Raleigh, NC. The shop was established in 2006 by Joseph Mejia, a Dominican born and  New York raised master barber.


Back in 2006, Joseph's goal was to provide Hispanics and Americans a welcoming place to get a fresh hairstyle. Over the years the shop's popularity has grown and nowadays is a premier destination for all races and nationalities.


Joseph attributes the success of The Dominican to its vibrant and inclusive culture, where everyone is welcome, respected and valued at all times

About Us


The Dominican is an affordable, high-end barber and stylist in Raleigh, NC. A team of international barbers and stylists, led by Joseph Mejia (El Truco) are experts with years of proven experience.


Our team is highly skilled trained experts on the cutting edge of current trends; whether you are looking for a traditional look, or a high contrast cut our team will produce the desired haircut and hairstyle on the spot.


The Dominican are international influence, excellent customer service, and a welcoming atmosphere make us the perfect destination for your next hairstyle experience!


3601 Capital Blvd suite 113

Raleigh, NC 27604


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